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June's Marketing Trends

Whether you're a business owner, director of marketing, or an in-house one-person marketing team, keeping up with the marketing trends that affect your company is exhausting. But we got you!

Let's dive into the marketing deep end! So grab your metaphorical floaties and get ready to make a splash! 🌊

😀 This Month's Marketing Trends 😀

Report Highlights the Best Times to Post to Social Platforms in 2024 (Social Media Today)

Social media best times to post are a helpful guide, not a magic formula.  This article by Sprout Social gives you a general idea of when each platform sees the most engagement, but what works for others may not work for you. For example, the best times to post on Facebook are weekdays between 9am and noon, while Sundays are the worst. On Instagram, weekdays between 9am and 2pm are best, with less engagement on Fridays and weekends.  Ultimately, you should use these timeframes as a starting point and then experiment to find the best times to reach your specific audience.


Email Marketing Struggles with Algorithm (Ticker News)

Hack this! The spam police (aka Google and Yahoo) are cracking down, but don't worry. We've got the intel you need to outsmart the filters and land your emails straight in inboxes, not the junk folder. We'll show you how to adjust your strategy for these new email sheriffs AND reveal the secret weapons that'll make your messages irresistible to your audience. Get ready for inbox domination!


The Future of Email Marketing Lies in AI (Fast Company)

Picture this: you know exactly what your customers want, and you can deliver it straight to their inboxes. That's the magic of email marketing, according to Michelle Taite, a marketing whiz. Email lets you chat directly with your audience, nurture relationships, and convert them into loyal fans. But with so much data out there, it's hard to keep up. That's where AI comes in. Imagine a super-powered assistant who helps you understand your customers and craft personalized messages that hit the bullseye. With AI, you can send emails that are like whispers in their ear, nudging them towards the perfect purchase. So ditch the outdated marketing strategies and embrace the future of email marketing – it's a personalized party your customers won't want to miss!


Google Test AI-Powered Ads for Complex Purchases (Search Engine Land)

Forget endless searching! Google's got your back with a brand new AI ad trick. Imagine you need a storage unit, but have no idea where to start. With this new feature, you'll answer a few quick questions and Google's super-smart AI will be your personal storage guru. It'll figure out the perfect unit size, recommend packing supplies, and even connect you with the right storage facility - all without ever leaving the search results page. This means faster decisions, less stress, and more time for what matters (like finally tackling that overflowing attic!). Buckle up, because Google's AI shopping experience is about to take off!


Google Marketing Live 2024: Everything You Need to Know (Search Engine Land)

AI was the star of the show at Google Marketing Live 2024! Marketers can now use AI to create high-quality ad variations quickly, with features like brand customization and automatic product integration. Shopping ads are getting a makeover too, with features like short videos, virtual try-on, and 3D spins to enhance the customer experience. There are also new ad formats like vertical videos and auto-generated animations for engaging storytelling across YouTube, Discover, and Gmail. Google is even testing showing relevant ads within AI summaries on search results pages. Marketers can finally centralize their data with Ads Data Manager, and create a comprehensive brand profile to showcase their company. The future of marketing is all about AI-powered creativity and a more interactive buying experience for consumers.


Instagram Says Posting Longer Reels Can Hurt Your Performance (Social Media Today)

Hey Instagram creators! Listen up! Turns out those super long Reels might be hurting your reach. According to Instagram themselves, Reels over 90 seconds are a no-no. They want snackable content, not movie marathons. Who knew? The good news is they also shared other tips, like posting consistently and avoiding low-quality content. So ditch the watermarked TikTok clips and keep your Reels short and sweet for maximum engagement!

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