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Deck the Halls with These 9 Festive December Content Ideas

Can you believe it's already December?! Where has the year gone?

We know you're crazy busy right now running your businesses and doing your thing so we'll keep this short and sweet - Finding the time to put out content this month is going to be challenging for many small businesses. You have a lot on your plate! But we've put together a list of ideas for you to help make that process a little quicker!

Here's our List of Content Ideas for December

  • Gift guides - Create custom gift guides for your different target audiences, such as friends, family, coworkers, teachers, and kids. You can also create gift guides for specific interests, such as foodies, tech lovers, and bookworms. This is a good place to not only share your products but also the products of other community businesses. Don't forget to tag them in your post!

  • Recipes and baking tips - Share your favorite holiday recipes and baking tips with your audience. Make this more personal. Share your family's favorite recipe or a food-related tradition. Don't forget about seasonal cocktails!

  • Decorating ideas - Share holiday decorating ideas for your home, office, and outdoor space. You can also create content about different holiday decorating styles, such as traditional, rustic, and modern.

  • Holiday travel tips - Share holiday travel tips, such as how to book flights and accommodations, how to pack for a winter trip, and how to stay safe and healthy while traveling. This is a great way to share insider tips and tricks you've learned.

  • Entertaining tips - Share holiday entertaining tips, such as how to host a holiday party, how to set a festive table, and how to make holiday entertaining easy and stress-free (If that's even possible!).

  • New Year's Eve party ideas - Share New Year's Eve party ideas, such as themes, decorations, food, and drinks. You can also create content about New Year's Eve resolutions and how to set and achieve them.

  • Winter fashion and beauty tips - Share winter fashion and beauty tips, such as how to dress for cold weather and how to keep your skin and hair healthy during the winter months.

  • Stress management tips - Share holiday season stress management tips, such as how to set boundaries, how to manage your time, and how to relax and de-stress.

  • End-of-year reflection - Share end-of-year reflections and recaps.

We hope this list helps make content creation for your business just a little easier this season!

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